Club Contributions

The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation supports a number of programs and projects in four children’s hospitals here in the Michigan District. Through your club’s generous support, they fund educational and recreational programs at the Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, the Mary Free Bed Hospital in Grand Rapids, and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. These programs depend upon contributions from all Kiwanis Clubs here in the Michigan District. Including these programs into your annual budget makes a lot of sense. If you haven’t already done so, please have your club include this funding in your 2020-21 and future budgets. To meet the needs of these valuable programs, the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation requests a forty-five dollar ($45ºº) contribution per Kiwanis member. These funds can be taken from your service/project account.

General Donation

The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation depends on donations from Kiwanians and the general public alike to fund the important work of Child and Family Life Services in support of hospitalized children.  Won’t you make a donation today?


The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation has many awards
that provide members the opportunity to acknowledge another Kiwanian's generous service to the community as well as help fund the work of our Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation in support of hospitalized children. The Foundation Trustees encourage you to reward your Club Members with a Kiwanis of Michigan
Foundation Award!

Memorial Contribution

It is always difficult to know what to say at the loss of a true friend.  We use hugs, flowers and memorials to show our huge sense of loss.  The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation suggests a memorial donation to help hospitalized children and their families.  Not only will your gift support ill and injured children, the family will also receive a nice note memorializing your gift and the loss of their loved one. 

In Honor of . . .

Are you looking for a way to recognize someone who has gone “above and beyond” for you or your club?  Sometimes we just want to say thanks but don’t really know how.  Why not recognize their efforts and help hospitalized children at the same time?  We’ll send an acknowledgement to let the individual know of your gift in their honor. 

Thomas Oliver Greeting Program

Make a contribution to the Thomas Oliver Greeting Program in support of our hospitalized children and your greeting will be published in the December/January issue of the Michigan Builder.  Did you know that Thomas Oliver was Governor of the Michigan District in 1973-74?  Governor Oliver encouraged Kiwanians to make a contribution to the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation at Christmas time rather than sending Christmas cards to fellow Kiwanians around the District.  Their name would then be published in the Michigan Builder and that would serve as their Christmas card.  What a great way to share the spirit of Christmas AND help hospitalized children!